Thursday, 29 July 2010

I'm Back!!!

Hi there folks,

I'm finally back after spending a WONDERFUL 3 weeks at our house in Spain. 

Unfortunately, the holiday didn't start out the best, as we stopped at a service area just outside Malaga, and had a con trick played on us which resulted in my husband's wallet being stolen!  As luck would have it there was only 20 Euros inside, and as we realised within seconds what had happened we were able to stop the credit and bank cards, so that's all the nasty blighters got.  

Just so you don't fall for the same trick, this is what happened, we had all the car doors open while sorting ourselves out for the journey, Paul had just been to the shop to buy water, and had left his wallet on top of the luggage in the boot of the car.  A guy speaking German came up to us, and said he had a problem with his car and could we help.  Paul, being the nice guy that he is (he also speaks a little German), went to follow the guy, but I had a bad vibe about it, and sure enough, as I turned around to face our car again, another guy was walking past it, he called out something in Spanish (I think), but I didn't understand, so just shrugged my shoulders, at this point, the 'German' guy told Paul it didn't matter, and disappeared.  Yep!  You guessed it ............  the 'Spanish' guy had pinched Paul's wallet!!  So BE AWARE!  I'm sad to say that this will be the last time a stranger will ever be given a moment's attention from us, as we were both very upset by the trick which had been played on us, and will now be on our guard at all times.

Anyway,  the card I have to show you today, was started before I went on my hols, but I didn't have time to finish it until today.  The background papers were made using a couple of masks that I bought at the Newbury Stamp show, and Cosmic Shimmer Mist, (sorry, I can't remember the colour).  I then backed each piece of paper with gold mirri card.  The image and sentiment are from Whiff of Joy, and the ribbon is from my stash.  I also made some card candy to match, by spraying a little bit of card with the Cosmic Shimmer, and then cutting out and embossing as normal.  I did think about adding some flowers, but felt this one didn't really need them.  Hope you agree??

As always thanks for looking, and any comments you might wish to make.




  1. Good to have you back Judi - the Spanish are good at conning people - we go to Spain alot as the in-laws live out there, so we tend to know all the tricks they get up to and like you we help no-one!! Hope you had a fabby time. The card is gorgeous - love the blue and white. Hugs, Claire x

  2. Was ready to send out a search party if you didn't turn up soon...feels longer than 3weeks since you were around Judi...well all the rain and dreary days didn't your back and that you enjoyed it...sorry about the start though....don't even get me started on your card by the way....almost forgot that

  3. Hi Judi - nice to see you back in blogland. This is such a beautiful card - love the shades of blue, and the gorgeous image.
    Sorry to hear about your holiday upset - we almost lost our wallet/money/credit cards on holiday in Tenerife earlier this year, waiting at a bus station. The guy had already unzipped my husband's bum-bag which was attached to the side of his belt, and the guy's hand was poised over hubby's wallet, just ready to "lift". Another second and it would have gone. I will never know what made me look round at that precise moment, but thank goodness I did. Taught us a very valuable lesson.
    Sylvia xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Judi,
    this is a beautiful card with a gorgeous image. The colors are fabulous.
    Fiona x

  5. stunning card judi.the image i gorgeous and i love the colours and the fab layout.
    nice to see you back in blogland.

    xx coops xx

  6. Gorgeous card Judi. Sad that there are so many con-men out there.

  7. Welcome back Judi, I'm so jealous of that wonderful holiday! Sorry about the wallet, there's probably nothing more annoying than having your wallet stolen.
    Your card is so pretty, good to see you are back in business.
    Take care

  8. Beautiful card, love the colour. Jane x