Wednesday, 30 September 2009

I'm FURIOUS with Docrafts!!!

Sorry folks, but I have to vent somewhere, and I am furious with Docrafts who are the suppliers of 'Stick It' double sided tape.  Here is the story:

I bought two rolls of  'Stick It' double sided tape from The Range a week ago.  I got through about half a roll very quickly, and so checked to see how much came on the roll.  It turned out that there was 18 metres, which was 50% more than I got for the same price on a Dovecraft roll.  So having realised that it would be the decent thing to point out to other crafters that they should check the amount they get for their money, I  put a post on the Docrafts forum.  In response to this, I got ten replies, and to my concern, two of them criticised the 'Stick It' tape, saying that it didn't stick, which is of course the whole purpose of the stuff!!  The next day I checked the 3 cards I'd made using this stuff, and sure enough, they were starting to come apart!!!  I was pretty annoyed I can tell you, as trying to restick them when you've put other embellishments on top which have been secured with silicone etc, is never going to be satisfactory.  I checked the Docrafts site and it said to return faulty goods to the store where you purchased them, which I did, and got a refund.  However The Range said that compensation for the inconvenience, wasted time and other products, would be down to Docrafts / Design Objectives.  I had, in the interim, already contacted Design Objectives, telling them about this problem, giving them the link to the forum where other people complained about the tape, and asking for compensation.  Upon my return from The Range, I found an email in response telling me to return the goods to them.  NOT what they said on their website!!  I therefore emailed and told them I had taken it back to the store, and received a refund.  I received a reply today, saying that in their opinion this matter was a one off, and as I'd returned the product to the store, thus preventing them from testing it to check the fault, there was nothing further they could do!!!  Talk about bloomin' contrary!! 

I've now sent them a strongly worded email, pointing out that had they sent me some small item as recompense for my wasted products, and as a token of goodwill, it would have improved their reputation, where the high handed attitude they had taken against me, THE CUSTOMER, the one who pays their wages (and yes, I DID say that), would only result in BAD publicity.  So here is the start of it!!

Phew!  Having got that off my chest I feel better.  I'm just hoping now that lots of people will come read this message and see how little Docrafts really appreciate us, the customers!!

Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi Judi,Glad you did......they are so high and mighty to behave like this,they don't deserve any custom at all,you did right....good on you....Janette...aka...little-bo...dc. er.

  2. well said! i am one of those that mentioned the tape on your thread but i felt bad after because i didn't want to put a 'downer' on your purchase. i still have my roll of 'not so sticky' stick tape but no packaging. should i return it with a strong letter?

    suzanne x

  3. Wow, certainly got that off your chest....but you're right....the customer makes their profits....and there's plenty of other manufacturers out there....I,for one,will avoid that brand now.

  4. What a lovely card, the colours go fab with the papers , I was hoping they were promarkers as I was going to ask the colours as they matched so well, oh well never mind , card if beautiful ........K x

  5. I shall avoid this make, as it happens I have some very good sticky tape from Joanna sheen both came with refills.Annx