Saturday, 17 October 2009

Popcorn the Bear - All Wrapped Up

O.K. well you're probably getting bored with Popcorn now, so I'll use something different after this one, at least for a few days, hee! hee! 

Again, I struggled a bit with this card, getting to grips with the bigger stamps is more difficult than I thought, but I'm quite pleased with the end result.  I used a technique I've been meaning to try for ages on this one, which is the embossed and sanded background.  If I'd realised just how easy it is, I'd have done it long since, so you'll probably find I'll be using it on quite a few cards from now on, or at least until I discover something else to try!  I've also used some snowflakes made of acetate, and covered with Twinklets glass glitter.  The smaller one's don't show up that well on the picture, but you can see the larger one, and it really does look pretty when the light shines and sparkles off of it.

Stuck in bed now, as my back's giving me serious grief this morning, so I don't know when my next card will appear.  Keep watching, and have a great weekend.

Judi xx


  1. Another gorgeous Popcorn card.....the embossed and sanded background looks great,it's a really good technique.Thanks for your tips on mounting stamps....will try cutting much closer in future.....I'm always worried about ruining the stamps!!!! Sorry to hear about your back....hope it quickly improves.

  2. Hi Judi,Thanks for letting me know about these fab cards of yours,you did a great job on them all,and love the techs; that you used,take care,Janette.x