Friday, 7 May 2010

Chaz - 8 Today

Evening all,

Sorry about this, but the men's cards are truly in demand at the moment.  This time it's a request for an 8 year old's birthday.  The lady was VERY specific about what she wanted, it had to be a boy playing football, and wearing a yellow shirt, with green collar and a green stripe on the sleeve, with a No. 3 on it.  The shorts were to be green, but she didn't mention the socks or hair colour, so I had to go back to her and check on those!!  Having stamped up the image, I realised there was no way I could put a No. 3 on the shirt, as his arm is in the way, and, oh, NO!!  Horror of horrors, there was a No. 5 on the shorts!!!  Having sat down and thought about it, I decided the only way I could get around it, was to scan the image, (which I'd already started to colour), then put a white patch on the shorts to cover up the No.5, and then hopefully type in a No. 3 over the top. Having done all this, I'm pleased to report, that it worked a treat, and with a bit of paper piecing, I didn't even have to re-colour the original image.  Hopefully you can just about see the No. 3 on the shorts????

I then went through my stash to find suitable papers, but the green and yellow combo, was WAY too bright, so I eventually settled for stamping my own football background, and then just adding a little yellow trim, here and there to bring it all together.  I hope it works for you guys, and most importantly for the lady who requested it!!!!!!


Judi x


  1. Great card Judi and very thorough, I'm sure the ladt in question will be very pleased with this. Trying to think of a team that plays in yellow and green, only Norwich springs to mind!? LOL. Hugs, Claire x

  2. wow fantastic boys card and you really went above and beyond to get all the details right.i love the image and brilliant layout.luv coops.xx

  3. Hiya :-)
    well done, you really done this well, especially as the woman was so specific about what she wanted. And yes, you can see the 3 :-)
    Hope you ahve had a good day

  4. Wow.......found you in blogland too. Such a lovely card for an 8 year old.